Bohemian x Glam Style

4:39 AM

Summer is creeping up, which means it’s time to replace your thick, heavy, bulky, winter outfits in your closet and store up with stylish summer clothes. I was torn between the bohemian and glam style, so I came up with an idea of mixing both instead :) 

I shot this look a couple of weeks ago with my friend Rachelle, and I still remember how hot the weather was. Since it was so hot then, I wore something that could make me stay cool.

I chose to paint my nails with “Frankie My Dear” shade from Rimmel London Salon Pro, which is a nude/skin tone nail polish. 

classic Ray-Ban sunglasses for my eyewear. 
For my shoes, I wore a black wedge with ankle straps to match my skirt and add more glam. 
I hope you like this look! :) xx

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