Nail Art for Valentine’s Day ❤

1:00 PM

This will be my first post about nail art. I won’t go too much into the details since I wasn’t able to take a step by step photo :(

Anyways, its Valentine’s day so my design will be a Valentine’s-inspired nail art ❤

For the nail polish, I used RIMMEL London Pro Salon with Lycra in “Isn’t She Precious” and “Peppermint” shades. This polish is very good for nail art since its long lasting, usually taking up to 5-7 days before it chips away :) I chose this colour because I wanted it to have a playful and sweet vibe :3 The other materials that I used were:
❤  Pink Nail Stripping Tape
❤ Nail Stickers
❤ Nail Dotting Tool (#04)
If you are wondering where I got those materials, its from @makeup.uae101 of Instagram. They are selling affordable and a complete range of nail art tools and makeup ;)

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