World Art Dubai 2015

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Hi guys! Today's blog will be about my visit to the World Art Dubai 2015 that was held last 8-11 of April at the Dubai World Trade Center. It was a free entry exhibition, which was so awesome since you would not only enjoy checkin' out all the international artist galleries, but you could also attend a lot of free lessons, film showings, and art activities that were held. 

Before I got inside, I signed up on their registration form and they gave me a catalogue about all the exhibitors and the schedule of activities.

This was the first piece that captured my attention. It's from Unique Gallery - a brand new artistic concept set in one of the most vibrant entertainment and design scenes in Dubai.

Able fine art NY

Super cute microchip art creation from The Space Womb - it's a contemporary art gallery that exhibits works of emerging and established artists from around the world. It was founded in 2009 and located in New York City. Their primary goal is to bring a different perspective to the audience, while they help artists develop their career in the art industry.

Art pieces from the Korea based artist, "Gallery Godo"

This here is Mr. Garsot and I. He's very down-to-earth and a talented artist from Greece. We had a long conversation discussing his life as an artist and how it was started. He's been doing paintings for his whole life and he wants to continue to be creative,  imaginative and forever optimistic in his art/message.

Prints & Illustrations from Drawdeck

This artwork is by Christian de Wulf. It looks really weird and creepy, yet very fascinating. I was so curious what kind of materials he used and what was the story behind it. I had so many questions in my head but I wasn't able to ask the artist because he was busy, so instead, I visited his website and found the story:

Astonishing work by Moawya Al Khadra & Nairy Shahinian

Nature inspired art by Natalia Camenforte, from Argentina

Amazing stitch by Stephanie Neville

These are my favorite pieces from the exhibit. It's by Dilip Choudry of Cross Borders Art Gallery. It's amazing how this work can bring so much impact and emotion by only using 3 shades of color.

They also pointed spotlights on the painting which gave it a more realistic effect.

I had a great experience though I didn't have any time to check any activity sessions coz I had other activities scheduled to do outside.

Looking forward to the 2016 World Art. xx
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