Marilyn Monroe inspired sketch

8:30 PM

Hi there, I hope you guys are having a good weekend :) Yesterday was my day off so I just stayed home for the whoooole day. I was too lazy to go out coz it was boiling hot and my muscles were in pain T_T So instead, I just organized my things, made some juice (cucumber with apples), baked a pizza and sketched! :3 It's been really really long since the last time I drew so when I did, it felt so good to finally hold my pencils again and create something <3
This sketch was inspired by Marilyn Monroe. I didn't really copy her but I have her alluring eyes, pointed brows, and red lips.

Materials Used:
Nataraj Pencil (6H & HB)
Faber Castelle Colored Pencil (321, 330, 376 399)

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