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Hi everyone! How’s it going? Today’s blog is going to be about one of my first public creations, a cubism painting. It is actually my first art assignment in my Visual Art/Painting class, and with that, I would like to share to you guys how I made this with a few simple steps!

cubism art materials

Materials that I used:
- Bristol Paper
- Pencil
- Watercolour
- Paintbrushes
- Black marker

bristol paper
First, start by drawing random curves on your bristol paper. Bristol paper are great material to use if you'll be going to paint using watercolour. But if you don't have one, you can just use normal bond paper instead. These curves, after you draw plenty enough, form different shapes that we will use in our next step.

Then begin colouring in the shapes randomly, just making sure you don't get paint on the lines because we will add something to them later.

cubism art step 01
Here, in this picture, I started with the primary colours to fill in the shapes; red, yellow and blue.

cubism art step 02
Then I used the secondary colours, green, violet and orange, while some parts I painted with light grey and dark grey. Don't worry if paint outside the lines or it doesn’t conform, it doesn't have to be perfect. Just look what I did! XD haha! I have shaky hands, which is why if you notice, I can't paint it straight.

cubism art step 03
After you colour in every shape, it’s time to use your markers! :)

cubism art pilot broad marker
Line all the spaces between, pretty much where the lines that separate the shapes should be. Of course, just make sure the watercolour is already dry before putting on! Here, I used a broad Pilot© black marker.

cubism art dubai art blogger
After all that, you’re pretty much finished! So easy, yet so awesome right? :)

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