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technemoda faceshop middle east dubai gift

Hi you all! This post is actually quite late. I received this gift from The Face Shop Middle East after winning their contest, TFS Beauty, last month (I think). Was so surprised because they picked me, especially since I was expecting that the chosen winner would be able to participate and become a part of their makeup tutorials. Sadly, that didn't really happen :( and instead they just gave me a gift. I don't have any complaints on that though :) but I think they should be honest with their fans of what they will exactly be giving when they throw a contest.

Anyways, I would like to share to you guys what I received from The Face Shop.  I'm personally a huge fan of Korean cosmetics and skin care so this was a YAY! to me  and I appreciated this a lot :) This was actually my first time with these products and I was so stoked to try them out and make a product review once I tried them.

faceshop gift box

What's inside the box?

faceshop natural sun eco
faceshop avocado body moisture lotion cleanser
faceshop character mask

- Natural Sun Eco (facial sunscreen cream)
- Avocado Body Moisture Lotion
- Avocado Body Moisture Cleanser (body wash)
- Character Mask in Dragon & Sheep (facial mask)

dubai faceshop deira city center

I also took some photos from the store where I claimed the gift. It's in Deira City Center, they were having a sale at that time.

faceshop sale price
faceshop bb cream nail polish

And lastly, I didn't forget to snap my favourite product section in Faceshop, their BB cream and nail polish section :) So cute and colorful!

Hope you like this post! xx

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