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11:01 AM

Hi there! This blogpost is about one of my pieces from art class, a very simple butterfly paint fold-over. I remember the first time I made this kind of painting was back in my elementary art subject. It was so fun to do, I felt like a kid again :D

Anyway, here are the materials that I used:
- Thick Paper
- Pencil
- Acrylic Paint
- Scissors
- Paint Brush
- Liquid Eyeliner (for dotting)

First, fold and cut the paper if it's too big. Then fold the plain piece of paper in a half again.

Unfold the paper, spread it out, and draw half of the butterfly on one side. Once you’ve completed that, you're ready to paint!

Select your preferred colour and paint it on to one side of your paper. Just make sure that you apply it thickly so it will not dry easily.

When you're satisfied with your paint, fold the paper and gently rub your hands over the top to evenly distribute the paint. Rub it around 3-5 times and then you're ready for the big reveal!

Open the paper to see what you’ve made. You can add more paint and repeat the fold-over process if you are still not satisfied with the result.

On my piece, I added black around the corners while I used white for doting and yellow for some highlights.

Hope you guys like this post. Have a creative week! ;)

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