October 2015 Favorites

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Hello guys! Here are some of my favourites for the month of October! :)

I have been using Sally's Box products for a while, and I received these samples from the Beauty World convention. Sadly, I do regret that I didn't buy enough of this moisturizing creme :( Been searching for a supplier here in Dubai, but so far, I haven't find any. Anyways, my favourite product is this here "Aqua Moist Gel Cream". I have an oily combination skin so I use this for the last step of my skincare night routine. This helps me recover my skin, especially since the summer in Dubai has been pretty harsh and I feel like most moisturizers aren't enough. After I used this product, my skin became increasingly smoother and moisturized. It's definitely the best gel creme I tried so far!

WELLA Frizz Control Mousse
Winter is coming and it is starting to get a little windy which is why I decided to buy some hair mousse. I didn't check the product reviews though before trying this, but thank goodness it works great for me! It's perfect for the bipolar weather of Dubai. With this, even after a long day of sweating and humidity, my curls are still soft and in place!

BENEFIT Lollitint
I have had this tint since April but I haven’t used it coz I feel like it’s not suitable for super sunny weather. It is in a lovely shade of light purple pink or candy-orchid pink (that's probably the best way to describe the colour) and, for me, it's the perfect wear for the fall-winter season. I now apply this tint daily on my lips and cheeks during my make-up routine and it lasts me for a surprising 3-4 hours. Doesn't dry out your lips, either!

Tricia Gosingtian Style Book
The person themselves inspires me so much to continue blogging, to just do what I love the most despite how busy my schedule will be.

Chia Seeds
I'm so obsessed with Chia seeds! I started eating them when I found out the health benefits, and I haven’t stopped eating them since. I always make sure that I include it with my daily meals. They’re packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, protein and calcium. I eat them most of the time on an empty stomach, usually during breakfast or when I get home after work. It makes me hyper-active and full! One of my favourite recipes I make using chia is chia pudding, which I will be sharing soon on my blog.

LIGHTS Little Machine
This album has been my soundtrack for this month! I have been playing this repeatedly at home and at work, which helped me get my work done fast :D My favourite tracks from the album are "From All Sides", "Child", and "Muscle Memory".

Hope you like this post! xx

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