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Winter Grunge Outfit OASAP

Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you guys are having an amazing weekend. Starting today, I will be posting OASAP style by yours truly, once a week. I’m quite excited to share my OASAP picks since I’m quite a fan of their fashionable, yet affordable line. If you are not a member to OASAP yet, you can sign up here! OASAP Registration

Above is the picture of the items together, mostly coming from their Fashion Guru section.

1. Punk Metallic Coined Statement Necklace

This silver metallic necklace displays the ultimate statement. You can throw it on to add a more modern grunge look.

2. Punk Rivet Embellished Satchel Bag with Skull Print
Featuring silver rockstuds and a skull print, this backpack perfectly matches our top.

3. Edgy Skull Print Pullover Sweater
When I saw this sweater, I knew I had to make it part of my winter grunge style. It has a cool skull print design and even looks very comfy.

4. Street-chic Lace-up Platform Boots
This look would not be complete without these lace-up platform boots with chunky feels.

5. Chic Ripped Loose Fit Cropped Jeans in Navy
I made this whole outfit have a college feel to it, yet still be very comfortable, so I added these loose cropped denim ripped pants. You can also wear black leggings inside if you want to feel warmer.

Hope you like this look! xx

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