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Hi everyone! I'm off to school! xD HAHA. Just kidding. Do you ever wish you could go back to school? Well for me, I certainly do! :) I miss going to college so much, and one of the things I miss doing there is cosplaying. I occasionally did it with members of an organization I was in whenever we had events at school. So, with that, today’s outfit is a Japanese uniform inspired outfit.

For my top, I am wearing a plain white 3/4 sleeved polo and pairing it with a black long cloth that I just randomly saw in my closet which I used as a ribbon xD And for my bottom, I am wearing my checkered swirl mini skirt.

This school outfit can be worn in 3 styles:

1. Very Japanese: If you really want to look exactly like a japanese school girl, all you have to do is pair your outfit with high knee black socks. Or if you have a coat or cardigan, you can also add it. It will give a look like what you usually see in anime or Japanese dramas.

2. Sweet: If you want to have a sweet look on your uniform, all you have to do is tuck in your polo. You can add accessories in your hair like a headband or ribbon ponytail to add a more sweet touch.

3. Rebel: If you want to look like a rebellious kind of student all you have to do is to loosen you polo shirt, add some spikes or metallic bangles and boots to rock your look. (I forgot to bring my boots which is why I was wearing the same shoes xD)

That's it! Hope you guys like it! Sayonara! xx

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