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Mask House Diamond V Review

Hello everyone! Today's post is a product review of Mask House - an expert beauty line brand from Hong Kong. This product, which was sent to me 2 weeks ago, is called "Diamond V Fit Mask". It's a slimming and lifting sheet mask with moisturizer that defends against visible signs of aging. This box comes with a paper tape measure (to measure the jawline), 5 sheet masks, and a slimming band.

Mask House Diamond V
Mask House Diamond V Instruction

To tell you guys, I have a small face and I didn't really wish to make it tinier, but this Diamond V intrigued me a lot because I wanted to see if it really worked so I can recommend to you guys :) So let's start!

Before using the mask, I measured my jaw using the paper tape and got 23 cm. I then cleansed and dried my face to prepare for the sheet mask. Taking out the sheet mask, I set it on my jaw and upper neck area. Now, the sheet essence does have a little bit of a strong scent. It smells like Robitussin - a liquid syrup medicine for a cough and colds. But yeah, it doesn't really smell bad.

Mask House Diamond V Fit Mask Review

Anyway, after applying the sheet mask, I wore the slimming band and placed it under my chin. I made sure that it was tight enough and then left it on for 30 minutes.
The band itself features a hole on both sides of the ear, which is cool because I could wear my earphones and listen to music while waiting :)

Diamond V slim band

5 minutes later, I felt the sheet mask heating my skin, making it tingle and burn a little. It actually says on the box that that was normal so I didn't really worry at all. After 15 minutes, it got really warm and cool, like menthol gel, but it was still bearable.

After 30 minutes, I removed the band and slowly peeled off the mask. I then massaged my jaw and neck area until the essence was fully absorbed and finally, I measured my jawline again and wow!!! I was very surprised! I got to 22 cm! :)

Dubai Beauty Blogger

The result was amazing. It immediately slimmed down my neck and jawline.
I highly recommend this product guys. Seriously, this truly works :D The lifting band is quite funny looking and kind of embarrassing when put on, but it only takes just 30-40 minutes to use and it works amazingly.

If you want to try this too, check out their website at

Hope you like this post!

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