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Hi everyone! Do you feel the spirit of Christmas yet? It's finally cold here in Dubai and it is so gooood. I hope it will stay like this forever xD

Anyways, this is that outfit that I wore today. I am loving this white knitted sweater! I will be wearing a lot of this in the winter, having three of these; this one, a yellow one, and a pink one :) I got these at an amazing price of 15 dhs (5 USD) from a night market. I'm also loving this checkered skirt which I also have in three different colours. I am obsessed with the style and fabric. It's so soft and can be worn either in cold or hot weather :) I wore thick black stockings with these coz it's pretty chilly while these black shoes are my favourite; I wear these quite often at work and it's been with me for more than a year already.

Also, I wanted to add a black scarf to my outfit, but I was rushing to take a picture this morning and forgot it.

More of this look below! :) xx

Red White Outfit

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