Ponds Age Miracle Night Cream

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Ponds age miracle night cream review
Happy weekend everyone! :) Today's blog is a product review. My previous night cream was an Eveline Cosmetic product and I was planning to switch back again to Pond’s Flawless White Cream because I noticed that there's not much improvement with my skin although it moisturized quite deeply.

The last time I used Pond’s was around 3 years ago I think back when I was in Singapore, and it did well on my skin. I went to the store but before I placed it in my cart, I rechecked the ingredients again because I didn’t remember anymore. When I checked, I saw that it has parabens in it. I'm already aware of the danger of this ingredient back then, but I was thinking that it was fine, that a little of paraben would not hurt xD haha 

But as I get older, I avoid using products that has paraben or other harmful ingredients like hydroquinone, mineral oil, placental extract, polyacrylamide and more. I checked the other Pond’s product, trying my luck to find one that has good content, but there was only one other option which is their Age Miracle cream.

Ponds Dubai

First, I was hesitating to pick it up because it's an anti-aging cream seeing as I'm only 20-something and I think using an anti-aging product is too early for me. But my curiousity killed me so I checked the ingredients and was surprised because there were no harmful ingredients in it. I then read the description and it had all that I needed:
- Deep moisturize
- Expertly fights signs of fine lines and wrinkles.
- The formula enhances overall skin radiance.

Ponds ingredients

Above image is the ingredients.

Ponds Dubai

It's has same lovely packaging with the Flawless White but has a different scent. It has a scent of light rose petals.

Today is my second week using Age Miracle. The packaging says "Look 10 years younger in just 7 days", it didn't work for me so far. But I feel my skin getting a little more tighter, closing down my pores and my skin getting really softer.

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This product is the best night cream I've tried so far, seriously I highly recommend this! It is quite affordable as well and I think one bottle can last up to 2-3 months, depending on the amount that you apply. I apply it only at nighttime in a thick amount.

Oh, and I have a combination skin type with no pimples. So if you're same with me, go try it! I would love to hear how it works for you.

Hope you find this helpful :) xx

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