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Camouflage Outfit

Hey guys! Hope everyone is having an incredible week so far! :) Have you guys watched the new Deadpool movie yet? I am dying to watch it on cinema! T_T I've already invited my friends to watch with me but they all said "nooo" :( It’s coz they're not interested in superhero (Marvel/DC) films (why? T_T) so yeah.. I guess I'll just watch it by myself, or instead just wait for a Blu-ray copy and watch it on my laptop. Aww

Anyways, today's style blog is my outfit that I wore yesterday at work. I'm wearing this really cool camouflage dress that I got from a bazaar which I also threw with this black blazer from F21. I finished off the look with a pair of black low cut boots and some comfy socks :D

Hope you like this look! xx

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