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Hi everyone! How was your week so far? :) Dubai is still quite cold at the moment, especially during the evening! I can definitely feel that spring isn’t coming soon!

Anyways, today’s outfit is a really comfy one that I wore yesterday. I love this thick yellow knit sweater from K-Town. It's cute and so comfortable as well. I like wearing vibrant colours in winter coz it gives a fun vibe and energy during the cold freezing weather.

This sweater also has a huge UK flag printed pocket on the chest which I totally love because I can put my mobile, cards or cash in it! :)

I paired it with black leggings and a pair of low-cut boots from H&M. For my hair, I just tied it up and wore this black wide brim fedora which looks nice with my outfit, but seriously, I didn't wear it outside coz it's so windy.

Hope everyone has a lovely day! xx

Yellow UK flag sweater

Dubai Fashion Blogger

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