January 2016 Favourites

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Hello guys! Here are my favourites for the month of January.

mood ring

Mood Rings | Garage
- When I first saw this at the Garage store, it gave me a flashback from my high school days. My friends and I always wore them as a sign like a friendship ring. It’s still really cool as well since it changes colour depending on your mood. These are some of the colours that it can show up as:
Green - Happy
Yellow - Angry
Blue - Relaxed
Violet - Depressed

This ring has a fun memory for me so I bought it. It is actually in a set of three, and I gave one to my close friend Rachelle. Funnily, she is so amazed by it because it changes colours. She also never had one before.

Pail Arden
Motivational Book
It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be | Paul Arden
Best book I've read last month. It's simple, short yet motivational.

Age Miracle Facial Wash | Pond’s
- This is my current favourite skin cleanser and so far the best! Pond’s Age Miracle Deep Cream works wonders on my skin so I thought of trying the facial wash as well. I was really surprised because it was super gentle on the skin. Though it has some tiny beads for scrubbing, it really doesn't clog my pores. Also, after using it, it leaves my skin really smooth and clean. I recommend this product if you want that baby soft skin!

Chocker necklaces Divide by H&M

Divided by H&M Choker Necklace
- I got this from my friend and I am totally loving it! This is my current favourite accessory to add if I want to add some edge to my look.

Rimmel London Color Rush

Color Rush | Rimmel London
- I wore this quite often last month, using it to gradient my lips. I usually use lip tint on my lips but because of winter, it makes my lips really chapped and I always forgot to apply balm or lip gloss coz I'm always in a rush. This lip crayon is pigmented and a little creamy which is great!

"Show Me The Way" by Penguin Prison
- I kept playing this track on repeat last month. I first heard this from Jen Imm of Clothes Encounters. It's bloody awesome! The beat will definitely make you groove. The best time to listen is when you're driving or in the metro when you're about to head to work.

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