Kozma & Kozma Salon | Candy Couture Party

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Kozma & Kozma Salon Candy Couture Party

Hi everyone! Hope you guys had an awesome week so far and I hope you haven't forgotten about me yet! xD

I know I've been quite inactive this past couple of weeks. Life has been pretty hectic lately, with lots of deadlines at work and a ton of decision making. I even moved to a new place and I haven’t even finished unpacking and fixing my things. When I'm done though, I'll definitely post about my new place. So excited to share it!

Dubai Salon Launch

Anyways, today’s blog is about my visit to the Kozma & Kozma Salon Candy Couture Party that happened on January 22. It was held at Villa No.1134 on Al Wasl Road. I was invited to attend the VIP Hour and I got there on time coz I wanted to meet the owner. I also wanted to learn about their treatments but sadly, there wasn’t much to learn during and after the VIP hour. I think their event would have been a lot more interesting and lively if there was someone who would host the program. I was really expecting that they’d talk about something regarding their newly open salon.

Floral Chandelier

Dubai Luxurious Salon
Duabi Salon

Dubai Jumeirah Salon

Aside from that, I must say that the venue was really gorgeous. You will really feel at home coz it's so cozy.

Kozma & Kozma Salon Models
Kozma & Kozma Salon Models

Kozma & Kozma Salon Models

Candilicious models

Dubai International DJ

Even the DJ is wearing a candilicious outfit <3

Duabi Fish tail braid hair

They have a free hair fixing booth; I asked them to do a fish-tail with my hair. I love it!

Dubai goody bag

Goody bags

Dubai candy corner

Candy corner

Brownie Blues Dubai

Delicious brownies

Technemoda Love from Kara dress

This dress I am wearing is from KARA’s latest collection. I received a lot of compliments with this dress. It's now my current favourite :3

Hope you enjoy this post! xx

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