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Hello guys! Two weeks ago I visited RE Salon & Spa located at Sunset Mall, Jumeirah and had my hair coloured.

RE Salons Spas Sunset Mall

I really wanted to dye my hair a full mahogany brown or chocolate shade but the hair expert told me that would be much better if I had like an ombre style coz it's the trend. Anyway, so I could have a completely new look as well, I said to her, "Okay, do what you think looks best for me!" :)

She applied 3 shades to my hair:
Red Plum (on top)
Blonde ash green (high lights)
Copper Blonde (bottom)

I almost fell asleep while she was washing my hair xD It was so relaxing coz she was massaging my scalp and after the wash, she also massaged my shoulder and neck.

It took them around one and a half hour to get it finished. She also trimmed my hair and curled it afterwards.

I think the colour is beautiful, the image just doesn't look exactly like this in person because of the lightning. The dye doesn't made my hair dry as well which is great! But to be honest, I feel like this colour doesn't suit me at all. It made me look old.

Nonetheless, it is really a beautiful hair colour, though it's just not for me I guess. I also love their service, it’s really awesome and customer-centered! The salon owner, Miss Rana, and even the staff were so nice and quite accommodating. So yeah, thank you so much RE Salon for that :)

Anyways, below are the images of their very neat and cozy facilities :)

Orly Nail polish Dubai

Hope you like this post! xx

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  1. Doesn't change your look though

  2. You should dye your hair pale pink! I think it suits you dear



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