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whats in my bag

Hey guys! Today's post is a request from my follower on Instagram asking me what I bring with me to work everyday :D Well, now I'm gonna show you the things I carry with me to work. So yeah... let's start! ;)

black leather backpack

My current favourite bag from KTown.

dubai gadgets

iPad Tablet
- This is one of the most important things that I could not leave the house with whenever I go to work. Being a Digital Marketer, I need this to track the social media accounts that I handle. This also has my schedules for the day, and contains some pretty useful applications that I use at work. I even have some eBooks here which I sometimes read when I'm on the metro just to pass the time because I travel for like 30-40 minutes!

Cell Phone (Samsung S5)
- Of course, this is what we all carry everywhere! This phone is very useful, especially with its high quality camera, I don’t even have to bring my DSLR with me everyday!

bench perfume beepeepees

- Here I put my cards, ID, earbuds, and some cash.

Makeup Pouch
- I'll let you guys know what inside this in my next blogpost! ;)

- This is actually a body spray that came from Bench Scent. It has a light, feminine, fresh scent which I think is suitable for work. It is also very cheap even though it lasts very long.

Lunch Box & Snacks
- I like home cooked food so I always bring a lunch meal with me. It also allows me to eat more healthy food instead of having to rely on fast food for whenever I get hungry :D I also bring some snacks with me - usually biscuits and a chocolate bar.


- I love writing things down so the first thing that I do when I arrive at the office is to write down my to-do list for the whole day. It makes my day well-organized and helps me get things done. I also have a separate notepad where I write my plans and random ideas.

dubai sony PSP

- Haha I know some of you guys will think I'm such a geek or a kid! Well, I am xD At least at heart xD I like old fashioned games so I honestly prefer the PSP than the Vita since its library has my favourite PS games. I carry this with me to kill time at the metro and even though I always get weird and puzzled looks from formal/business people, I laugh it off and, even though I don’t know what they are thinking, I think that maybe they just want to play too xD Hahaha!

technemoda dubai blogger

Hope you enjoy this post :D

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