School Blues

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Happy weekend everyone! :) What are you guys up to? The weather here in Dubai has been bipolar since last week. It was cold and gloomy,  then sunny, and then even rained, all in a one day! I actually had a fever because of this crazy unpredictable weather :(

Pretty much, it's better if you wear something very versatile, like wearing something sleeveless and then bringing a jacket with you just in case it gets colder. Oh and also, always bring an umbrella with you just in case it ever rains!

Anyway, here’s something I wore to work yesterday.  It was really sunny so I decided to bare some skin. I totally feel like a teenage schoolgirl with this look! If you knew me ever since the beginning, you’d notice that I love wearing this kind of style :)

Here, I'm wearing a white long sleeve top with blue ribbons and a collar which I totally love. I got this from a Korean store, and I also have this in black :) For my bottom, I wore a checkered skirt with black socks and low-cut boots for the complete school uniform look!

Blue School Uniform

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