Monochrome Work Attire

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monochrome work attire

Hi guys, I hope you have a peaceful Holy Week! How are you guys planning on spending it? :) I’m gonna spend mine just at home reading and planning out for the week ahead. I actually miss spending Holy Week with my family in the Philippines. Usually we would spend it at home since we would never go out or go on a vacation then, just pure family bonding. My parents would cook meals while my nephews and I would watch bible story cartoons and movies. I really miss those days.

Anyway today's outfit is something I wore at work. I am really loving this look! Its monochrome style is great for an easy look in warm weather. Here, I am wearing a white sleeveless crop top that I bought from the Philippines. I totally like the low cut details with ribbon on the back!

I paired it with this pleated midi-skirt, with silver sheer details making it look very sophisticated. I finished this look with a pair of black suede heels and Ray-Ban eyeglasses or a black wide brim fedora to add a chic touch.

black and white outfit

Hope you like this look! xx

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  1. Love everything on this outfit

  2. where did you got the skirt? :) I like it



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