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Happy Sunday everyone! :D I had such a lovely weekend which I spent my Friday at home organizing my stuff and reading books. I just moved to a new place three days ago and it was really tiring coz I was the only one packing and moving things to my new place. Yet, it was really worth it in the end coz I finally got my peace of mind xD I also feel more independent now coz I used to stay with my best friend. I just realized that it's not a good idea to live with a best friend under the same roof, given the situation. So yeah....

First monday in may

Anyways, this post is about the event that I attended a few weeks ago. It's the Farfetch preview screening of "The First Monday in May", an event by Vogue that was held at the Madinat Theater, Jumeirah.

Madinat Theater

I arrived around one hour late to the event so I wasn't able to have much coverage and take pictures of the opening ceremony but I was at the main program. We watched an exclusive documentary about the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art's Spring 2015 Costume Institute Exhibition and Gala. We're not allowed to talk about what we watched though so I won’t spoil it to you guys xD But this will be in theaters this April 2016 so I definitely recommend you watch this if you love fashion! This documentary makes me love Anna Wintour more since she's hilarious and a real genius!

Dubai fashion blogger

This is what I wore during the event. It's a black hi-lo tuxedo from Kara's new collection. When I trying fitting this dress, I felt like it was made for me. I love the fitting, and the style is so me! I really like clothes that has a bit of masculine touch yet still is very feminine and sophisticated. For my bottoms, I wore shorts and see-through black stockings.

Madinat Jumeirah
After party at Bahri.
Jumeirah events
Bahri Bar

Dubai fashion blogger Technemoda

Hope you enjoyed this post and more to come! xx

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