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6:19 AM

Hi everyone! I woke up the other day with surprising and wonderful news from my friend, Ryle of! I found out that I was nominated by Stylist Arabia Magazine for the Social Media Star of the Year in the Lifestyle category.

I am so surprised coz I wasn't really expecting to be chosen as one of the candidate coz there are so many other amazing and talented individuals around social media in the UAE. I honestly felt like I was a winner already, and I am so grateful to be considered along with some of the other awesome people like Maira, Diala, Karla, etc...

I'm really shy to ask for votes... I don't know why xD haha but if you would like to support me, you can vote through this link: - Lifestyle Category :)

I would like to thank all you, since if it were not for any of you guys, I wouldn't be here right now :) Thanks a lot!

Love everyone to bits! xx

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