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Hello guys! It is scorching hot in Dubai today. It's been awhile since the last time I got very sweaty because of the heat and sun burning my skin. I actually don’t think that sounds fun at all though, but I am so happy that I don’t have to wear socks and wrap myself up with a blanket when I’m at home XD

Moving on to my outfit, this look is for my second entry for the Garage Clothing - Blogger of the Year Contest and it's all about floral and fringe!

floral and fringe

The dress that I am wearing is the Keyhole Bustier dress in sweet cream/vintage rose. I paired it with a 70's Fringe Crochet Vest in natural/white. I love how this outer knit fringe is simply beautiful! The details on it is even a great match with a pretty floral mini dress.

Dubai fashion blogger

For my accessories, I wore this lovely gold chain necklace with stones and feathers. I know my dress has a very feminine vibe to it but I like my chunky boots, so I paired them with it xD I like a feminine yet edgy look so I don’t care if this may seem wrong. I’m just going to wear what I like :D

Blogger of the year

Anyway, before I end this post. I want to share to you guys what happened during our shoot. A security guard came up to us while we were taking photos and told us that were no longer allowed to shoot in the area, so we stopped shooting and my friend Jayven (the photographer) gave me my SD card from his camera. I sat in the chair to rest and placed my card on the table and then we left. After about 40 minutes, I remembered my SD card so I checked my things too see that I didn’t have it with me; it was lost. We went back to the same area and luckily, I found it on the same table where I rested. I'm still so happy no one really took it! So yeah... Make doubly sure of your things before you leave anywhere :D

Hope you guys enjoyed  this blog and I hope everyone is having a great day today! :) Feel free to comment down below xx

Dubai Street style fashion

Clothes & Accessories: Garage Clothing
Shoes | Chunky Boots: Jennyfer
Wide Brim Fedora: Forever 21

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