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Hi guys! How was your week? Mine was so fun and yet so hectic! Still though, I feel pretty refreshed and rejuvenated despite all of the activities and events that happened :)

Anyway, this weekend I visited the Sheraton Grand Hotel - Shine Spa. I was invited by their team and got so excited to try their Shine Spa Signature Treatment! It's a four hand massage using a combined Eastern and Western massage technique.

It was my first time to their wonderful spa. When I arrived, I was greeted by the staff and I then went to change into my robe. I even had two of the therapists come out and accompany me to the massage room.

The space there was so cozy :D It had this nice aroma and the music was so soothing. I got a foot massage first and this put me in such a relaxed state, and then I was ready to be pampered.

Afterwards, I went for my full body massage! I felt like I was on a cloud! They started from my toes up to my arms and shoulders.

The massage was very good, so relaxing and really relieved the tight muscles and tension.

After the spa, I enjoyed a cup of chamomile tea and a beautiful view from the hotel.

The customer service was great! Everyone was friendly and bent over backwards to ensure I was having a relaxing day.

Trust me, this is the perfect place for a great, deep massage to release muscle tension and stress. Treat yourself! xx

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