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Hi everyone! How's are you guys doing? :) Ramadan has already started here so it's really quiet and calming everywhere. I also have more time after work coz of Ramadan, we get 2 hours less of work. It's great coz I have more time preparing my luggage for my vacation next week :)

Anyway, I know it's been so long since my last OOTD blog post. I really wanted to take photos of my outfit outside but I didn’t have anyone with me so instead, I took photos with my bestfriend - The Tripod xD Also, I suffered from an infection for almost 3 weeks which really hindered me, so yeah...

Dubai Philippines fashion blogger

Anyway, today's outfit is a modern ancient greek inspired style. I am wearing this sleeveless tree swing top in washed stone from Free People via Shopbop :) This top is a dream! The colour and print is beautiful and the fabric is also perfect for Dubai weather! For those of you who haven’t been here, we are experiencing scorching heat during the summer, so I always have to wear comfy fabric. I also love the keyhole neckline with buttons. I paired this top with my light brown wedges and accessorized myself with this gold headpiece which made me look like a Greek goddess xD haha.. JUST KIDDING! I just added it to have a Ancient Greek touch.

I hope you like this look! Outfit details below xx

Lavander Dress

Gold headpiece - LIFESTYLE Accessories
Brown Wedge - BFL

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