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Hey everyone! So as you might know, two months ago I bleached and dyed my hair bright blonde. I am in love with this shade and it is looks so good with any bright and cold tone outfits, just like this one I am wearing above!

off shoulder denim blue outfit

It's a blue on blue outfit and I seriously loving how I styled this :) I know it looks really simple, but I just love how minimal it is. Anyway, here, I am wearing a denim off-shoulder top which was given to me by a good friend of mine when I was in Singapore. I am totally loving how comfortable it is to wear and I like the uniqueness of this top since it has loose sleeves! Reason being is that most of off-shoulder tops just have this straight/rubberize up to the arm. I also think it compliments my broad shoulders xD

For my bottoms, I wore blue pants from Stylenanda. I love the softness of the fabric, though I don't know what fabric it is, it is a bit stretchable. I think this is the perfect pants when you want to cover up in hot weather. Last, I paired this with my black leather high cut boots. Hope you like this look! xx

Technemoda Blue on blue outfit

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