Heart Out

5:35 AM

Dubai Sketch Art

"My heart is the strongest muscle!"

Hey guys, it's been so long since my last artwork! I've been staying at home lately during the weekends so I had a little more time. I even got in the mood for sketching and I want to show you guys these! I've been moved by what's going on around me these past few days and I wanted these sketches to speak about how I felt.

Harumi Hironaka inspired art

Some of the sketch that I made here are inspired by Harumi Hironaka and an anonymous artist from Pinterest. It is also my first time trying digital art/colouring. I know the quality of these images are not so good and it's because I don't have scanner with me yet and I just captured them with my phone.

Still, I hope you guys like it! And feel free to comment down below :) xx

Digital Art Girl Heart

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