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Hi everyone! How’s your weekdays going? :) I have been sleeping so much lately! It feels so wrong coz I was used to sleeping 5-6 hours a day and now, I've been sleeping for 8-9 hours. I am struggling right now with staying up late and waking up early. I honestly don't really like the feeling of wasting my time sleeping so I am trying so hard right now to get back on my routine. I feel like I lack the motivation. Either that or I'm just too lazy! xD

Asian work corporate outfit

Anyway, this is one of the outfit I wore this week. Since I'm too lazy to dress up, I decided to pull off a minimalist style xD I really like how comfortable the grey short dress from Stylenanda Korea, and that it is also something I can wear from work to dusk. I paired it with a jet black coat from Forever 21 even though I didn't really wear this coat outside coz it's so damn hot xD And I finished this look with my favourite chunky boots.

Hope you like this look! :) xx

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