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Temporary Ombre Hair

Ombre style and rainbow coloured hair has become extremely popular over the past several years, and you can even see it all over Instagram! It looks very fashionable which is why a lot of fashionistas these days dye their hair in this style. You will find all the colours you could ever wish for in even most professional salons. However, even though you can go to a salon, that path also come with some caveats; applying these hair colours can be damaging to the hair, it also takes about 2-4 hours to sit in, it is somewhat expensive to maintain, and it can be difficult to remove. It is no good having gorgeous coloured hair if it comes with a price; having dry/damaged hair from dyeing.

I love saving money, make DIY stuff, and I'm always dreaming of trying different hair colours, so I tried colouring my hair using crêpe paper. YES! CRÊPE PAPER :) I got this idea from my brother when I was in the Philippines a couple of months ago. He saw it on a tv show and suggested me to try this so this is how this all came to be.

Asian Green Hair

My inspiration of green ombre coloured hair is Mami Sasazaki of SCANDAL & Hani of EXID.

Anyway, I will teach you today how to dye your hair using crêpe paper. It doesn’t require pre-bleaching and will work even on dark hair, although the colour result isn’t as great. This technique will last up for 3-5 times wash.

Materials needed:
- Comb
- 2 Elastic bands
- Medium sized bowl (Enough to place the area of hair to be dyed in)
- Plastic bag
- Warm water (If your hair is not bleached, I suggest you to use a little bit more hot water and add some salt)
- Crêpe paper (Your preferred colour)
- Plastic gloves

1. Begin by putting 2 sheets of crepe paper in the bowl with 4-5 cup of warm/hot water. Let it soak up to 3 minutes in the water and mix it with a spoon so that the paper diffuses quickly.
2. Using your elastic band, tie your hair in a pigtail to separate into two parts. Make sure they are aligned.
3. Wear the plastic gloves to avoid stained hands.
4. Dip your hair into the bowl, allow the coloured water to soak in for 15 seconds, and then comb your hair to absorb evenly (repeat this step until you achieve your desired colour. I usually repeat it about 3 times. If you have dark hair, I suggest you to let it soak for 3 minutes, allow the dye to soak in, comb and repeat)
5. Apply some hair conditioner and rinse it thoroughly.

Crepe Paper Hair

Taa-daah! It looks so cool, isn't it?

For my next hair topic, I'll be sharing you my "Blonde Story" and how to take care of your blonde/bleached hair :)

Green Hair Blonde

Hope this helps! Feel free to comment down below if you have any questions, and tag me on Instagram if you have done this DIY :) xx

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