Hello Spring!

4:19 AM

Hey everyone! These last few months have been so hectic! I haven’t updated my blog for almost 4 months now. I MISS YOU GUYS!!! You know how much I love blogging, and this place is where I put all my creative juices and all the things I like, so I made a promise to myself to keep updating you guys every week! So yeah.. please check out my website again at least once a week :) and don't forget to leave your comments down below if you have any blog topic ideas!

Anyway, today's outfit is a little different than usual. I rarely wear anything with yellow colour but it became one of my favourite colours this season. This upper top I am wearing is from ANTHROPOLOGY and has these lovely floral details. My bottom is this denim skirt I am wearing from GU Global Japan which is very comfortable and quite thin making it perfect for the spring and summer season :) Finally, I paired it with my ankle boots to complete my look.

Hope you like this post! xx

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