Entre-Nous Restaurant | Iftar Buffet

3:23 AM

Hey guys! Last weekend I went to a Iftar buffet with my good friend at the Entre-Nous Restaurant in Novotel Hotel, located at Al Saáda Street, Trade Center. It was my first time to visit the place and I really feel that the interior has a cozy and a bit of an Arabic vibe! The food selection itself did not disappoint; they served international cuisine with some highlights being the following images:

The service was impeccable for a buffet, with servers stopping by frequently to refill our water and drinks, and to remove empty plates. Their desserts were your usual individually plated small cakes, along with an Um Ali (my personal favourite!) and Fruit Crumble!

Also, a lot of times with buffets, you’ll find it’s quantity over quality but this wasn't the case at all. The food was plentiful, fresh, and flavorful. Would definitely recommend! :) More images below:

Images by: Jayven Tabernilla (@takenbyjayven)Edited by: Technemoda

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