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Hey guys, one of my favorite contact lenses brand, OLENS, has partnered with me to share with you my honest review of their Scandi Collection. Most of you who have been following me for years know that I am fond of using contact lenses. I have been using them for more than 10 years now and I have tried so many brands throughout that time span. This is super exciting for me because I personally love and have used OLENS on a daily basis since early 2019.

To give you a little background of OLENS, they are the number one, global contact lens brand that provide premium contact lenses based in Korea. They offer highly fashionable contacts and accessories in both prescription corrector lenses and non graded lenses.
Before I tell you my review for each colour within the Scandi Collection and how I wear them, let me tell you my pros and cons of the collection as a whole:


  • They are pretty natural looking. I have dark brown eyes and yet all the colours from the collection complement my eyes. They look fantastic!
  • It fits perfectly and are very comfortable. I can't even feel them while wearing them and that is the main reason why these are my holy grail contacts. These are a must if you want something for daily wear. 
  • The colour selection is so versatile and stylish. It can give you a cute to a dramatic look.
  • If you're a fan of circle lenses, these are not for you.
  • Though these lenses are on the pricier side, especially for the longer lasting ones, the quality and the designs make up for the price. They do however offer sales from time to time.
The shade is a bit other-worldly and has a hint of a glassy eye effect. I love wearing them often. What I like about this colour is it gives me a whole new character - providing a gothic or rocker chic look. Because of this, I styled my contact lens with an edgy outfit and some long gradient gray hair extensions to match. I used to wear this kind of outfit back in high school during the Alternative-EMO-JRock era and still find myself styling like this sometimes.

This is my personal favorite! I could not stop saying WOW to myself in the mirror after I put them on! I just love the colour so much. You don't have to put too much makeup while wearing this lens colour so if you are looking to go just a tad bit lighter from your naturally dark eyes, then these are your contacts! You will not be disappointed! Here, I wore these lenses with a feminine look/outfit with my natural hair.

I have bought and tried these ones before and worn it many times. These was my favorite lenses all throughout the summer season, The colour is great and it stands out really nicely without looking cartoony. They cover my own dark eyes very well and they are my go-to whenever I am aiming for a playful look. Here, I styled the lenses with my dark blue wig and cute outfit.

It is a darker version of the Light Gray colour. It is subtle yet has a wonderful colour payoff. This shade gives me a formal look so I decided to pair it with a simple yet classy black dress and some red lipstick to compliment the gray eye colour.

This one is so cute, it make me look like a doll. The size of the lens is same with others (from Scandi) but this specific colour make my eyes look more dollish and more sharper. I would personally wear this to match with cute feminine outfits, especially when I wear something pink.

Which colour is your fave or would you pick? :) Comment down below.

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  1. I like Gray and Hazel

  2. Same here. Olive is my favorite, too

  3. I find their products really pricey and I have been yearning to try them in so long. I am planning to get one before Christmas:)



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